The Erice Group is proud to support a Manolo Valdes sculpture exhibition presented by DORCAM and The City of Doral. Join us on December 5th for the Grand Opening at 11 am in Doral Central Park to see this incredible art exhibition in person.  Since Art Basel was canceled, we wanted to ensure you could still experience the arts in the safe and open environment of Doral Central Park.

The Valdes sculptures will be scattered around the city of Doral for six months. The Grand Opening event will continue over the weekend and we look forward to welcoming you and invite you to participate in a raffle, with Amazing Prices like two VIP tickets to the Manolo Valdes Mansion Exhibition and an iPad.

Manolo Valdes is a Spanish artist born in Valencia who creates impactful sculptures that will stand out in the streets of Doral. He has received various awards, including the Lissone and Biella in Milan; the silver medal in the second International Prints Biennial in Tokyo, an award from the Bridgestone Art Museum in Lisbon; the Alfons Roig Award in Valencia, the National Award for Plastic Arts in Spain, a medal from the biennial International Festival of the Plastic Arts in Baghdad; and in 1993 the Medal of the Order of Andrés Bello in Venezuela.

We are doing an in-person raffle for this event.  Please register here.  The Grand prize for this event is 2 VIP tickets to the Manolo Valdes Mansion Exhibition in January 2021.

Don’t forget to bring your mask, observe COVID rules, and – maintain social distancing!

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